Friday, November 16, 2012

a good start

The last month has just flown by in this house - it's been a never-ending run of tummy-bugs, viruses and other ailments along with the usual frenzy of activity that comes at the year draws to a close.

Ballet Pink Bed Set  Pink Apples LG CU

My mind has been largely occupied with stocking up the Made Time shop.  I'm not talking dozens of sets, but just a nice mix and a few different sizes to get things going.

Ted in bed

I was rewarded with several sales in the first two weeks which for me was hugely encouraging... one order led to some custom made mattresses too, so here's hoping for more like that with Christmas coming.

Sold - Summer Blue set

The range has expanded with sheets, custom made mattresses, and a fashion doll size, which has all been an enjoyable process...

Pink Sheets  Mattresses

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  1. Hi! I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. Pop over to my blog to pick up your questions and button 

    Please note, this is an honorary award and you do not have to participate. In fact, I have seen some blogs sporting a different badge indicating that they have received the award but not participated in the question/answer/nomination part of the process. I have put that badge on my blog post as well. Happy Blogging, Teri Heathcote :)

  2. Hi Teri, thanks for that! Sounds interesting. I shall find time to join in. Thanks, Lesley.


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